NIXSolutions: Google Arts & Culture’s Say What You See Game

Ever pondered an artist’s thoughts behind their art? Google Arts & Culture’s Say What You See game shifts the focus, prompting users to select an AI brain.

NIX Solutions

The Visual Intelligence Challenge

This game unveils an AI-generated image, prompting a visual intelligence game. Players compose clues (max 120 characters), attempting to mirror the displayed image using Google’s AI.

Testing Interpretation Skills

Upon submitting their guess, users await up to 30 seconds for Google’s illustration, evaluating the match to the original. Progression depends on honing visual interpretation and language precision, with increasing difficulty levels.

Advancing Through Challenges

Players must meet a minimum visual similarity percentage to move forward, demanding greater precision in replicating the masterpiece.

Guidance and Improvement

The game doesn’t abandon users but offers hints and tips after attempts, adds NIXSolutions. Insights into shapes, textures, and art styles aid in achieving better results and understanding the AI’s creative interpretation.