NIXsolutions: European Commission Requests Clarifications on TikTok Lite Risk Assessment

The European Commission has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to TikTok, seeking clarification on the risk assessment procedures employed prior to the launch of the Chinese-developed TikTok Lite app. This iteration of the popular platform offers users the opportunity to “complete tasks and earn great rewards.”

NIX Solutions

Task and Reward Program

Users engage in activities such as watching videos, liking, and subscribing to other users, with rewards ranging from Amazon coupons to PayPal gift cards and TikTok’s internal currency. The Lite version, available on the Google Play store and targeted at teenagers, is described as a simplified, data-efficient version of the main app. Originally launched in Asia, its recent debut in Spain and France occurred with minimal fanfare.

Regulatory Scrutiny

European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, raised concerns on social media regarding the addictive and potentially harmful nature of “social media lite” applications, likening them to “cigarettes lite.” With a commitment to safeguarding minors under the European Digital Services Act (DSA), the Commission has requested TikTok to address the risks associated with its Lite app.

Commission’s Concerns

The Commission’s inquiry focuses on assessing the impact of the Task and Reward Lite program on both adult users and the mental well-being of all users, particularly concerning the potential for fostering addictive behaviors. TikTok’s administration has been directed to provide detailed reports on measures taken to mitigate such systemic risks, adds NIX Solutions.

TikTok’s management has assured the Commission of prompt responses, with crucial information to be delivered within 24 hours and comprehensive details expected by April 26. As developments unfold, we’ll keep you updated on the Commission’s scrutiny of TikTok Lite and its implications.