NIX Solutions: Discord Discotinues Clyde

Discord, a renowned gaming platform, has revealed its decision to discontinue the experimental AI chatbot, Clyde. Effective December 1, users will no longer engage with Clyde in private messages, group chats, or game servers.

NIX Solutions

Exploring Clyde’s Journey and Discord’s AI Vision

Introduced earlier this year, Clyde, built on ChatGPT technology, expanded Discord’s capabilities by facilitating conversations and providing assistance. The rationale behind discontinuing Clyde remains undisclosed, sparking speculation about potential returns for paid Nitro subscribers or Discord’s reassessment of chatbot necessity.

Continued AI Exploration on Discord

Amidst Clyde’s departure, Discord persists in its AI endeavors, exploring AI-generated conversation summaries to aid users in catching up across diverse time zones, notes NIX Solutions. Additionally, Discord actively fosters an AI developer community, allocating resources and funding to encourage AI application creation within its platform.