NIX Solutions: Bluesky Gained Almost 800 Thousand New Users

Almost 800 thousand new users enthusiastically joined the Bluesky platform within a mere 24 hours of opening its doors for registration, propelling the total registered accounts beyond the 4 million mark.

NIX Solutions

Surge in User Base and Technical Hurdles

The statistics reveal a remarkable nearly twofold increase in unique Bluesky users from Monday to Tuesday, showcasing an average creation rate of 8.5 new accounts per second. Over the past 24 hours, users generated an impressive 2 million messages on the platform, notes NIX Solutions.

However, despite this surge in interest, experts remain skeptical about Bluesky’s ability to retain its newly acquired user base. The platform encountered unforeseen challenges, particularly disruptions in user-generated algorithmic channels that abruptly ceased functioning. To address the strain on resources, developers temporarily transitioned the social network into read-only mode, temporarily suspending the ability to publish posts.

CEO Insights and Current Stability

Bluesky CEO Jay Graber acknowledged the disruptions, attributing them to the heightened activity that strained the application. Despite these initial hiccups, Bluesky now appears to be running smoothly.