NIX Solutions: Microsoft Edge 11.3 Released

Microsoft has released a new version of its web browser, Microsoft Edge, with several new features and improvements. The latest version, 11.3, brings new PDF tools, improved privacy options, and more.

NIX Solutions

PDF Tools

One of the major additions to Edge 11.3 is the new PDF tools. Users can now fill out and sign PDF forms directly within the browser, as well as easily highlight and annotate PDFs. The new PDF features are designed to make it easier for users to work with PDFs without needing a separate app.

Improved Privacy Options

Microsoft has also made improvements to the privacy options in Edge 11.3. Users can now choose to block third-party cookies by default, making it more difficult for websites to track their activity across the web. Additionally, Edge now offers an easy way to clear browsing data with just one click.

Other Improvements

Aside from the major additions, Edge 11.3 also brings several other improvements. The browser now supports the Web Authentication API, which allows users to log in to websites using their fingerprint or facial recognition. Microsoft has also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to make Edge run more smoothly and quickly.

Upgrade to Edge 11.3

Microsoft Edge 11.3 is now available for download on Windows and macOS, notes NIX Solutions. Users who already have Edge installed should receive the update automatically. To manually check for updates, users can go to Settings > About Microsoft Edge in the browser’s menu.