NIX Solutions: Microsoft Rolls Out Updated Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform

Microsoft has initiated the rollout of an updated preview of the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, featuring a revamped interface akin to the Xbox Dashboard along with notable social enhancements. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced Interface and Social Features

The updated web interface mirrors the familiar layout of the Xbox Dashboard and introduces social functionalities. Notably, users can now engage in group chat directly through the web interface, eliminating the need for the Xbox desktop or mobile apps. Furthermore, users gain access to various social features, including the ability to find friends within the Xbox ecosystem, manage friend lists, send messages, view user profiles and achievements, and receive notifications.

Expanded Availability and Compatibility

While currently accessible exclusively to members of the Xbox Insider program, the updated interface will eventually be rolled out to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users. Moreover, it will primarily cater to smart TVs and Meta Quest VR headsets, although chat functionality is currently unavailable on TVs.

Seamless Integration and Continued Innovation

The revamped Xbox Cloud Gaming interface closely emulates the user experience of Xbox consoles, particularly with the inclusion of additional Guide features. Previously, many of these features were accessible only after launching a cloud game. Consequently, the ability to sustain conversations through the web interface between gaming sessions addresses a longstanding demand among Xbox Cloud Gaming enthusiasts.

Additional Updates Across Platforms

In tandem with the Xbox Cloud Gaming preview, Microsoft has introduced new features in the Xbox app for Windows. Users can now monitor game progress, adjust settings, and stay updated with developer news. Simultaneously, the April update for the Xbox console introduces various enhancements, such as the option to mute the Discord panel, notifications regarding storage space for game recordings on OneDrive, and additional controls for managing game and application installations on the console, notes NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated as Microsoft continues to refine and expand its Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience across devices.