NIX Solutions: Microsoft Addresses Concerns Over Copilot Installation

Some time ago, PC users encountered the automatic installation of the Copilot application without their knowledge. This provoked a wave of criticism against Microsoft and suspicions of spying on users. The company has now fixed this issue – Microsoft has released an update that removes the app from affected devices.

NIX Solutions

Update Removes Copilot App

Techspot reports that the latest Edge browser update version 124.0.2478.67 includes a component to remove the “Microsoft Chat Provider for Copilot on Windows” package from affected computers. After installing this update, users will no longer see the Copilot app in the list of installed programs. Additionally, Microsoft plans to release another update soon that will completely remove traces of unwanted software from affected devices. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

Unauthorized Installation Concerns

Recently, some owners of computers with Windows 11 discovered the Copilot software in their list of installed applications without their consent. Though the app had no functionality or data, many were outraged that Microsoft installed it without permission. Concerns about possible surveillance and data collection were expressed by some users.

Microsoft’s Official Statement

Microsoft clarified that the Copilot app did not collect or transmit any user data and did not run in the background. It was installed to prepare some computers for future support of the Windows Copilot service but ended up on devices it was not intended for due to an error.

Windows Copilot Integration

Despite the setback, Microsoft continues to promote artificial intelligence, with Windows 11 already integrating Copilot, notes NIX Solutions. Users can ask 10 questions without logging in, allowing them to evaluate AI capabilities directly on their desktop. The full launch of Windows Copilot is expected in a future major update to Windows 11, aiming to assist with everyday tasks and automate routine operations. However, technical and ethical issues must be resolved before full implementation. We’ll provide updates on the progress.