NIX Solutions: Meta Launches BlenderBot 3 Chatbot

Meta has opened a new BlenderBot 3 chatbot for US users. They can chat with it about anything – pizza, politics, social media, etc. So Facebook wants to teach artificial intelligence to better support conversations.

NIX Solutions

BlenderBot 3 is available to users with US IP addresses on a separate site. Meta says it may open it to other regions at a later date.

The artificial intelligence of the bot searches for information on the Internet to generate answers, and also uses a database of previous conversations. Meta specialists have collected a database of 20,000 such conversations, says TechToday.

Chatbots are software that tries to interact with a person in a way that is convenient for them – a normal conversation. The quality of chatbots is already quite high – some people even have thoughts that chatbots have consciousness.

Public experiments with chatbots are not always successful. In 2016, Microsoft shut down its chatbot Tay, which after talking to people began to swear and become racist.

NIX Solutions notes that Meta acknowledges the potential problems with the bot, but trusts that it will behave politely after interacting with people. However, experts say that public testing may reveal some complexities, and the company notes that the bot’s comments do not represent Meta’s position as a non-factual company, including medical, legal or financial advice.