NIXSolutions: Legacy G Suite Users Retain Free Storage

A number of users with ten-year-old G Suite (now Google Workspace) accounts have managed to maintain their free status to this day. Thanks to recent changes, some of them even received additional storage for free, writes The Verge.


Google Workspace Rebranding and User Reactions

When Google rebranded G Suite as Workspace in 2020, it warned users to upgrade to new subscription plans with pooled rather than individual storage provisioning. However, users who had free accounts for about a decade objected to the switch. In response to the backlash, Google allowed these users to continue keeping their free status, but only for personal use.

Recent Developments and Storage Updates

Last week brought more good news for users of the legacy free version of G Suite. Previously, until June 2022, users could add more personal storage through a separate subscription. Recently, account holders who opted to pay extra for additional storage began receiving emails from Google about canceling their additional storage subscription. They were informed of refunds for their last payment. Despite the subscription cancellation, Google assured that “although your subscription has been cancelled, your storage limit has not changed and you do not need to take any action.”

Jenny Thomson, a Google spokesperson, confirmed to The Verge that these users will retain the additional storage and their legacy accounts. “Customers who receive this notification will retain the allocated storage space and will be able to continue using their existing account,” she said.

NIXSolutions adds that this change applies to those who have upgraded to a Workspace account but still manage their storage through Google Play. According to the support page, individual storage will not be added to their total storage.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding Google Workspace and legacy G Suite accounts.