NIX Solutions: Instagram Enhanced Privacy Protection

Instagram has expanded its Restrictions feature, an important security control that allows you to hide private messages and comments from accounts that may be harassing you. Previously, it was possible to hide content published by recent subscribers or those who do not follow the user – but now you can protect yourself from everyone who is not on your list of close friends.

NIX Solutions

Comprehensive Control Over Interactions

If you limit interaction with everyone except close friends, only private messages and mentions of users from this list will be shown. Everyone else will retain the ability to interact with publications, but the author will not see this – and those who are under restrictions will not know that the content is hidden from them. However, if desired, these comments or personal messages can still be viewed, adds NIX Solutions.

Instagram allows you to restrict these accounts for up to four weeks, but this can be extended. To configure the feature, you need to open your profile page, select the hamburger button in the upper right corner of the screen, and go to the “Interactions with restrictions” menu. Here you can impose restrictions on those who are not subscribers, on recent subscribers, or on everyone except those on the list of close friends. We’ll keep you updated on any further enhancements to these features.

Additional Privacy Measures

You can now prevent anyone on the platform from tagging or mentioning you; you can also hide your comments from outsiders. The company Meta, which owns Instagram, introduced all these measures due to increased control by the American authorities, who are concerned about the safety of young users of social networks.

These new controls aim to provide users with greater control over their interactions on Instagram, ensuring a safer and more private online environment. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on any new developments in Instagram’s privacy features.