NIX Solutions: How Launching Infinite Scrolling in Mobile Search will Affect Ads

Google Ads has discussed how Google’s announced launch of infinite scrolling in mobile search will affect ad serving.

In the US, it will take approximately two weeks to roll out this update (starting October 14), says SearchEngines. According to Google Ads, it will not affect how auctions work and the Ad Rank is calculated. What will change, the service explained in the format of answers to frequently asked questions.

Google Ads

Will there be any changes to where ads are shown?

Google Ads systems recalculate the ad rank for each page of search results so that the most relevant and useful ads appear in the top.

As part of the update, Google will redistribute the number of text ads that can be shown between the top and bottom of pages for mobile searches in English.

Text ads can now appear at the top of the second page and beyond, while fewer ads appear at the bottom of each page.

There will be no changes to the delivery of Shopping ads and on-premises ads, notes NIX Solutions.

Can ads appear more than once per request?

Yes. Ads can appear on multiple pages. Google Ads systems calculate the ad rank for each page and also take into account whether the ad was displayed on the previous page.

What to expect as a result of this change?

Search, shopping, and on-premises campaigns that serve ads for English-speaking queries in the United States may experience an increase in mobile impressions, which can lead to a decrease in CTR.

As for clicks, conversions, average CPC and CPA, they will remain at the same levels.

In addition, search campaigns may experience an increase in impressions from ads at the top of the page and a decrease from ads at the bottom of the page.


Google Ads advises you to track the performance of your campaigns and continue to optimize them based on your business goals.

In other countries and languages, endless scrolling in mobile search is slated to launch next year.