NIXSolutions: New Horizon Worlds and Legacy Metaverses

Microsoft creator Bill Gates, summing up the outgoing year on his Twitter, said that in a couple of years, most virtual meetings will take place in the metaverse. And this is really a future trend, which you should start to understand right now.


So, the metaverse from the social network Facebook is now open to all adults in the United States, says BlueScreen. Horizon Worlds is a virtual space where people interact by controlling three-dimensional avatars. Previously, individual owners of Oculus VR virtual reality helmets could only look into the metaverse through the beta version. Now the entrance is open without an invitation. For Meta, this is an important step in the development of its concept.

Following them, the creator of Fable, Peter Molyneux, announced a game on the blockchain,  a business simulator with ownership of “NFT land”. In Legacy, players will be able to build their own business and develop various projects. According to the authors, players will be able to own an NFT land and then use it to establish “their own in-game blockchain business association.”

Together with the game, the developers will also release LegacyCoin, which will form the basis of the simulator’s economy, notes NIXSolutions. The currency can be used to trade internally and purchase exclusive NFT items.