NIX Solutions: Google Translate Crossed 1 bln Downloadings Mark

For the most part, Google’s mobile apps and web services are extremely popular. The main reason for their popularity, of course, is that they are free to use. But there is no denying the fact that Google services are among the best in their class from a practical point of view.

For example, Google Translate has long become a household name, because it is perhaps the best service for translating into different languages. And unsurprisingly, downloads of the Google Translate mobile app have hit an all-time high.

The Google Translate app for Android devices was first released in January 2010. Over the years, Internet giant Google has regularly updated the program, improving the user interface and adding new features. And now, 11 years and 3 months after its debut, Google Translate’s downloads from the Google Play app store have surpassed the 1 billion mark. This proves once again that when it comes to translation apps, Google’s product is simply unmatched.

NIX Solutions notes that today the Google Translate application for gadgets on the Android platform supports 109 languages, including both popular English, Chinese, Russian, French and German, and rare languages ​​like Albanian, Basque, Yiddish and Zulu.