NIX Solutions: Google’s Studio Bot Expands Globally

Google has made Studio Bot available to Android Studio users in 170 countries. Based on generative AI algorithms, this tool makes mobile app development easier. Studio Bot is not yet available in the UK or EU.

NIX Solutions

Studio Bot: An AI-Powered Assistant for Developers

Announced at Google I/O 2023, Studio Bot is an AI-powered chatbot integrated directly into Android Studio (canary preview required for now) and aimed at developers. As is the case with any other chatbot, the user can ask the system questions and receive mostly useful answers, including code examples that can solve the problem at hand. You can get help on specific errors or specific pieces of code – while emphasizing that Studio Bot only sees what you choose to explicitly share with it. Google itself does not have access to the code.

The Global Expansion

Studio Bot is based on Codey, a service developed by Google specifically to help you write code, notes NIX Solutions. At the initial stage, the chatbot was only available to US users, but now residents of “more than 170 countries and territories” can use it – the UK and EU countries are not on the list. The platform’s emergence in the UK and EU was presumably hampered by local privacy laws. Previously, the Google Bard search chatbot was also unavailable to European users, but the company has overcome this difficulty. Perhaps Studio Bot’s turn will come.