NIX Solutions: Google Launched Online Interview Simulator

Google has launched an online Interview Warmup simulator, it is based on artificial intelligence.

It can be used to practice answering questions that employers may ask at the interview. The only language available so far is English.

NIX Solutions

In the simulator you can choose one of the specializations: data analytics, e-commerce, IT support, project management, UX-design or general topics, says MMR.

The user may be asked about their education, work experience, interests and goals, in addition, there are technical and situational issues.

User responses are transcribed online and no audio is saved. After the conversation, the program analyzes the frequency of use of professional vocabulary, how many topics were covered, which words were repeated the most times and how they can be replaced.

The simulator also offers a complete dictionary with terms related to a particular specialization.

The simulator provides only statistical information, not your own estimate. The user themself concludes how successful their interview was.

NIX Solutions notes that Interview Warmup was developed for Google Career Certificate members, but the tool is now available to anyone.

You can run the simulator in the latest versions of Chrome on macOS, Windows and Android, as well as in Safari on iOS.