NIX Solutions: Google Ads Added Target Frequency to YouTube

The Google team has introduced a new mechanism for optimizing YouTube campaigns – the target frequency of impressions. The tool is designed to increase the number of views of commercials and increase brand awareness. To test it out, you need to create a new campaign with the Brand Awareness and Reach objective and select Target Frequency as the objective, according to the Google Ads blog.

NIX Solutions

Which ad formats can be used in campaigns with target frequency:

  1. splash ads,
  2. skippable ads,
  3. splash ads + skippable ads,
  4. non-skippable ads.

To run a campaign with a target frequency, you need to:

  • Create a new campaign. There are two ways:
  1. select the goal “Brand awareness and reach”, type “Video – reach” and set the “Target frequency” as the way to achieve the goal.
  2. do not specify a target when creating a campaign and simply select the “Target frequency” campaign type.
  • In the campaign settings, open the “Target frequency” block and set the target frequency for the weekly frequency from two to five.
  • Complete the rest of the campaign, ad group, and individual ad settings as usual.
  • Set a bid for an ad group. Google advises to stick to the recommended value, as it will increase the chances of reaching the target frequency.
  • Create a campaign.

NIX Solutions notes that while setting up a campaign, you will receive notifications with warnings and tips: which of the selected settings may have a bad effect on the effectiveness of campaigns or even prevent it from being moderated.

Important: currently, you can only create one ad set per campaign with a target frequency.

Learn more about target frequency for YouTube campaigns in Google Ads Help.