NIX Solutions: Google Ads Results Planner Update

Google Ads announced an update to the Results Planner functionality. Advertisers can now add even more campaigns to their plans, better understand bids and budget recommendations, reports NIX Solutions.

NIX Solutions

Major changes:

  • Ability to schedule previously unsuitable campaigns by leveraging past performance or manually adding forecasts to plan across the entire account.
  • New column “Recommended changes”. It will show the recommended budget and bid recommendations for your specific campaign.
  • Ability to add minor metrics to the plan. This will allow you to see the impact on performance beyond the core indicators. For example, if an advertiser creates a plan to maximize conversions, then they can now also add a column in which they will see the changes in clicks.
  • Possibility to select a specific time range for the conversion rate. This means that advertisers can now use a historical conversion rate that is closer to what is expected for the date range specified in the plan.