NIXSolutions: Google Play Movies & TV Service Closure

Google has officially announced the imminent closure of its Google Play Movies & TV service, ensuring users that previously purchased content will remain accessible. The transition to Google TV is in full swing, initiating the migration of Android and iOS users to the Google TV app. This process includes the discontinuation of the app on Roku devices and most smart TVs.


Accessing Purchased Content Post-Closure

In a support document released by the company, details were provided on how users can continue accessing their purchased movies and TV shows post-closure scheduled for January. Starting January 17, Android TV device owners will access content through the Shop tab. The YouTube app will facilitate viewing and rentals for cable and Android TV set-top boxes, while web browsers will redirect users to YouTube as the primary platform for content access.

The transition away from Google Play Movies & TV has been gradual, with the app on Android TV already directing users to the Store tab, minimizing potential disruptions for users, notes NIXSolutions. Despite these changes, previously purchased content will remain available for viewing, distinguishing Google’s approach from Sony’s move involving the removal of Discovery content purchased by its users.