NIXsolutions: Google Maps Enhances Privacy and Access Features

Recent updates in Google Maps reveal a shift in the storage of user location data. Instead of being stored in the cloud with other account-related information, this data will now be housed on the local device. Should users opt to back up their locations via the cloud, it will be encrypted, ensuring the data remains inaccessible to both Google and any third parties.

NIX Solutions

Altered Deletion Period

Originally, Google Maps introduced the option to automatically delete location history after 3 or 18 months in 2019. However, the 18-month period eventually became the standard. Now, the deletion period has been reduced to three months upon activation of location history. Despite this change, users retain the flexibility to extend the storage period to 18 months or disable automatic deletion through settings.

Upcoming Changes and Notifications

These innovations are set to be gradually implemented over the next year across Android and iOS platforms. Users will receive personalized notifications as these new features become available. The location history function, introduced in 2015, enables individuals to virtually revisit previously frequented places, aiding in activities like trip planning.

Additional Features on the Horizon

Google also unveiled two forthcoming modifications in Google Maps, adds NIX Solutions. Users will soon have the ability to individually select entries in their location history for complete data deletion. Moreover, a shortcut for swift access to location history will be introduced, enhancing user convenience.