NIXSOLUTIONS: Google Assistant is Now Powered by Gemini

Last year, Google introduced a significant upgrade to its Bard chatbot, incorporating its latest language model. The company is now in the process of integrating Gemini into the virtual assistant, signaling a noteworthy enhancement.

Enhanced Capabilities:

The updated Google Assistant is poised to comprehend text, images, and sound. Users can upload a photo, and the assistant will offer insightful recommendations, such as care instructions for a plant.


User-Friendly Experience:

The familiar activation methods remain unchanged—you can either press the power key or use the voice prompt “Hey Google,” depending on the device. According to Sissy Xiao, vice president of Google Assistant, users can now create captions based on generated images or delve deeper into articles.

Similar to Bard, the Assistant has the ability to generate text and images on demand. However, users can easily disable the generative functions in the settings, reverting to the previous version of the assistant, notes NIXSOLUTIONS.

The free Gemini-based assistant utilizes the Gemini Pro, while Gemini Ultra is accessible through the Gemini Advanced subscription. This subscription is included in the new $20-a-month Google One AI Premium plan, offering 2 TB of storage. Furthermore, Gemini features are expected to be integrated into Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and more.

The Gemini-powered Google Assistant is now available in English in the US, with a rollout to other countries scheduled for the upcoming week.