NIXSolutions: Global Music Streaming Soars – A Historic 22.3% Surge

In a groundbreaking milestone, the number of music listens on streaming services worldwide surged by an impressive 22.3% last year, eclipsing the 4.1 trillion mark—an unprecedented achievement revealed in a report by Luminate, as reported by Music Business Worldwide.


Rapid Rise in Total Views: Video Clips Contribute to a 33.7% Increase

A comprehensive look at the data reveals that when video clips are included, the total number of views experienced a remarkable 33.7% increase, soaring to an astonishing 7.1 trillion, compared to 5.3 trillion in the previous year (2022).

US Music Streaming Market Thrives: Anticipated 14.6% Growth in 2023

In the United States, the music streaming market is poised for a robust 14.6% growth in 2023, with an anticipated 1.5 trillion listens (audio + video). This growth is attributed to the influence of renowned artists like Taylor Swift, SZA, and Morgan Wallen, notes NIXSolutions.

Genre Dynamics in the US: Country, Latin, and Global Pop Lead the Way

Examining genre-specific trends in the US, notable growth percentages include Country (23.7%), Latin (24.1%), and global pop music from various countries, including Japanese, Korean, and African pop music, experiencing an impressive 26.2% increase.