NIX Solutions: Google Analytics 4 Introduces Landing Page Report

Google Analytics 4 has launched a new report – “Landing Page”. It displays data about the pages from which users begin their acquaintance with the site, the GA4 team says in the help.

NIX Solutions

The indicators available in the report are:

  • Average interaction time per session;
  • Conversions;
  • New users;
  • Views;
  • Total income.

Report parameters are scoped at the session level. This means that if a user visits the site from page A in one session, and from page B in another session, data for both visits will be displayed.

In the report, you can set up a date range, set filters, and add a comparison. A user with editor or administrator access can choose which dimensions and metrics to display in the report and change how they are visualized.

NIX Solutions notes that the report can be launched through the side menu – it is located in the “Lifecycle” section, in the “Interaction” subsection.

To learn more about the user’s journey on the site, the GA4 team recommends Path Research. Read more about this Research in the help.

You can also learn more about the Landing Page report in GA4 Help.