NIXsolutions: Expanded Access to Google’s Dark Web Monitoring

Google has announced the expansion of access to its dark web monitoring service (Dark Web Report), which was previously available only to paid subscribers of the Google One service. Starting at the end of this month, any Google user will be able to check whether their personal information has ended up in the “sweet spots of the Internet.” We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.


New Integration and Features

The Dark Web Report monitoring feature, launched last year for Google One subscribers, tracks leaks of users’ personal information, such as phone numbers and residential addresses. The service will now be integrated into Google’s Results About You page, where users can review and request that their personal information be removed from search results for free.

Google stated that this change would create a “combined solution to help people protect their online presence.” Combining monitoring features in one place will make it easier to track down potential personal information breaches, providing a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Impact on Google One Subscribers

However, this change means that Google One subscribers lose one of their bonuses – reports on information leaks on the dark web. While the main reason to sign up for Google One remains the increased storage capacity for your Google Account, including photos and Gmail, some users may be disappointed by the disappearance of additional benefits without a corresponding reduction in price. Interestingly, the company previously announced the closure of another add-on for subscribers, the “VPN by Google One service,” by the end of the year, which allows you to encrypt Internet traffic, providing additional protection, adds NIXsolutions.

Despite these changes, Google One still offers a number of other benefits, including premium Google Meet video calling features, the ability to share storage with a group of people, and improved meeting scheduling in Google Calendar. Additionally, higher Google One subscription tiers (starting at $19.99 per month) provide access to Gemini-powered AI features.

The change to Google One reflects Google’s commitment to expanding access to security tools for all users, without exception. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as Google continues to enhance its services.