NIX Solutions: Google Equated Duplicate Content In Business Profiles With Spam

Duplicate content posted on a Google Business Profile is now considered spam. This applies to photos, text, videos and logos. Colan Nelsen, Google Business Product Specialist, drew attention to the updated content policy.

NIX Solutions

The notion about it has been added to Google’s Business Profile Content and User Protection policy.

This means that many businesses need to rethink their content strategy, as even the use of a company logo on every business profile photo can now cause problems, says SearchEngines.

According to the new policy of Google, the publication of the same photos, for example, dishes from the daily menu, or the same promotional products, can also be considered spam. As well as text blocks advertising the same promotion or discount.

In order to comply with Google’s new rules, businesses will need to ensure that every post posted on a business profile is unique.

NIX Solutions reminds that recently, Google has changed its mobile search by adding a “About this page” tab, where users can find available information about the source they are to visit.