NIXSolutions: Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Google EMEA executives shared their predictions about what marketing trends 2022 will mark. They also talked about how to factor these changes into strategy.

In their opinion, these trends will influence the digital sphere:

Audience Intersectionality

During the pandemic, structural inequality has clearly manifested itself, and somewhere it even increased. Therefore, users expect companies to take diversity, equity and inclusion more seriously. To give your audience maximum representativeness, implement a hyper-local approach.


To build on this approach in 2022, start looking at how identity is defined in your area. Incorporate this knowledge into every step of the creative process, including writing and design. Create representative and accessible campaigns.


Consumers are now more interested in online privacy. 73% of respondents choose services with high data protection, such as encrypted mail and confidential search engines, notes NIXSolutions.

In 2022, focus on a customer-centric data protection strategy. Review your tracking and outreach practices so that users can freely control access to personal information.

Analytics: filling in the gaps

Use tracking services with an integrated approach. The Swiss cheese model helps to more accurately assess the effectiveness of advertising due to the principle of layering. For example, a video may not lead to an instant conversion. But if it is well-made, it will increase interest in the brand, and the client will buy the product later.

If you track these campaigns individually, one of them will seem useless and the other effective. This is not true, but the client or manager is likely to choose the latter.

So far, there is no tool or approach that will provide answers to all questions, says SearchEngines. But if you track results with one service, ask the right questions, and apply the principle of layering, you can fill in the gaps in the data.

Relevance is as important as reach

Capturing the consumer’s attention in the confusing middle of the purchase journey is no easy task. In 2022, you need to be more thoughtful about your benefits and goals. Your messages should reflect the brand concept and meet the needs of users. Relevance is as important as reach.

In 2022, focus on your mission and value proposition. This will help overcome competition on the user’s path to purchase.

Content that is “shoppable”

The shopping experience has changed. Last year, online sales worldwide grew by almost 30%, while new functionality appeared. Users now place orders directly from social media posts and while watching YouTube videos.

The main approach to buying content is storytelling. In order for a creative to attract buyers, adhere to the principles of ABCD:

  • Attention – Grab and hold attention with a compelling story.
  • Branding – start promoting your brand as early as possible and do it regularly.
  • Connection – evoke an emotional response.
  • Direction – call to action.

These principles will help increase sales in the short term by 30%.

Environmental friendliness

Most people now take sustainability issues more seriously than they did before the pandemic. Consumers want brands to help them manage sustainability in their daily lives.

Add sustainable options to your offerings. Tell your customers about your contribution to sustainability, such as reducing shipping and return waste.

Whether you use recyclable packaging like H&M or offer replacement brush heads like Dove, make it known in your campaigns and policies. Explain what you do with returned items.