NIX Solutions: Google Chrome Gets Mew Multimedia Feature

The test build of Google Chrome has got an original option for YouTube regulars. With its help, users can control the playback of videos without being distracted from other activities, even if the video hosting site is open in the next tab.

A feature of the new test build of Google Chrome Canary is a built-in tool for managing online video playback, states 4PDA. Its compact interface allows you to quickly start, pause or switch the video, as well as rewind or rewind it. This can be done even in the adjacent tab if the video sequence is played in the background. This feature is especially useful for listening to music videos or podcasts while surfing the web or working in a browser.

According to NIX Solutions, now the new option works with the YouTube service, but in the future, the list of supported sites will presumably be expanded. The emergence of a new feature as part of the stable build of the browser is expected in the near future. Earlier, Google also “pumped” the mechanism for working with groups of tabs that no longer disappear when you close the browser.