NIX Solutions: Chrome’s Fledge Update

Google’s recent FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) update stirred a lot of controversy among privacy advocates and advertisers alike, but there is another upcoming update that is providing hope for PPC and SEO specialists.

NIX Solutions

The Chrome team is working on a new feature called “Fledge,” which aims to improve website performance and increase user privacy. Fledge is an incubation space for new web platform APIs that are not yet ready for full implementation in the Chrome browser.

One of the most exciting aspects of Fledge is the proposed API for measuring and reporting ad impressions. This API would allow website owners to get more accurate data on the number of ad impressions their pages receive, which is crucial for PPC campaigns. Currently, ad-blocking extensions and privacy features can make it difficult to track ad impressions accurately, leading to discrepancies in reported data.

Fledge also includes APIs for various other features that could benefit PPC and SEO, such as support for web monetization and better ways to detect and block abusive ad experiences.

While Fledge is still in development and not yet available for widespread use, its potential benefits are significant, notes NIX Solutions. PPC and SEO specialists should keep an eye on Fledge’s progress and consider how it could impact their strategies in the future.