NIXSOLUTIONS: Biden Signs Bill to Ban TikTok in US Unless ByteDance Sells it

The TikTok bill, initially facing uncertainty in the Senate, saw progress as it became part of the foreign aid package for US allies, prompting Senate consideration alongside other crucial matters. Despite initial hurdles, the bill eventually received approval from the President of the United States, marking a significant milestone in its legislative journey.


Legal Challenges and Industry Response

TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek expressed the company’s intention to challenge the new law in court. This legal pursuit could potentially extend compliance timelines as the judicial process unfolds. The key question lingering is whether China will permit the sale of TikTok, involving the transfer of ByteDance’s advanced algorithms, known for their addictive nature, which underpin user engagement within the app.

Haurek emphasized TikTok’s commitment to contesting what they deem an unconstitutional ban. Affirming their dedication to investment and innovation, Haurek reiterated the platform’s importance as a safe space for diverse American voices to connect, find joy, and derive inspiration. Meanwhile, TikTok CEO Shou Chew vehemently opposed assertions by lawmakers framing the legislation as a measure solely to remove Chinese ownership, characterizing it unequivocally as a ban on the platform and its users, notes NIXSOLUTIONS.

As the landscape surrounding TikTok legislation continues to evolve, we’ll keep you updated on further developments. Stay tuned to understand the implications and responses shaping the future of this influential social media platform.