NIXsolutions: Apple Enhances iCloud Experience on Windows 10 and 11

Apple’s commitment to PC users has resulted in notable improvements within Windows, bringing fresh features and services without requiring a shift to Mac. The recent release of iCloud version 15.0.214 for Windows 10 and 11 exemplifies this, introducing a revamped user interface along with compelling enhancements.


Modernized Design and Seamless Setup:

The update showcases an entirely new design, ensuring a user-friendly onboarding and setup experience. Notable additions include the synchronization of iCloud content status and support for physical security keys to enhance Apple ID sign-in security.

Performance Enhancements and Dark Mode Support:

Version 15.0.214 brings significant improvements to photo synchronization performance and a notable reduction in login request frequency. Users can now troubleshoot contacts and calendar syncing issues with Outlook, provided they have the latest version of Windows 11 or later,  notes NIXsolutions. Additionally, the update introduces support for dark mode and allows users to view all Apple and third-party devices on the account details page.

However, Device Deauthorization Limitation Persists:

It is important to mention that, despite these enhancements, Windows 10 and 11 users still lack the ability to deauthorize devices using the iCloud application, a feature available to macOS and iOS/iPadOS users.