NIXsolutions: Adobe’s AI Innovations in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and

Adobe introduces AI-powered Enhance Speech tool that removes background noise and enhances poorly recorded dialogue, making it sound professional.

  • Background Noise Removal: Automatically extracts background noise and offers a mix slider for fine-tuning voice-to-noise levels.
  • Automatic Audio Tagging: Identifies dialogue, music, sound effects, and ambient noise for easier organization.
Efficient Editing in Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro’s speech and text editing tools now include Filler Word Detection, allowing automatic removal of unnecessary pauses and filler interjections. Improved Timeline responsiveness, tone mapping, and project templates enhance editing efficiency.

3D Workspace in After Effects:

After Effects introduces a comprehensive 3D workspace for creating visual effects and motion graphics. It supports importing 3D models and offers realistic lighting and shadow generation. The updated Roto Brush tool simplifies object separation, even for complex scenarios like overlapping objects and hair.

Enhanced Collaboration with updates its comparison tool for video, audio, images, design files, and PDFs, streamlining content review and feedback. Later this year, Storage Connect will help enterprise users reduce cloud storage costs by connecting to their AWS S3 storage, notes NIXsolutions.

These AI-driven features are available in beta versions and are expected to launch by year-end.