NIXSolutions: 10 Nuances of Search Console

SEO consultant and author of The Weekly SEO newsletter Andrew Charlton listed on Twitter the main features of data in Search Console that experts may not know about. In particular, this applies to counting impressions, clicks and determining the average position.


  1. The position is registered only when the show is recorded.
  2. If you only work in one country, then your data will be garbled by default. Use country filtering.
  3. The position is calculated starting from the left (main side) – from top to bottom, and then – from the right.
  4. If there are many pages ranking for the same query, Search Console records the best position. When it determines the average position, it averages the best position for queries.
  5. If there are items such as knowledge bars with multiple links, then they will all be written in the same position. This can be confusing.
  6. In the Landing Page Report, Google aggregates the landing page data by the canonical URL. In Google Analytics, a different picture can be observed.
  7. If you create a lot of new pages, expect your average position to rise as new pages rank higher. SearchEngines recommends not to be alarmed by this, as over time the situation will stabilize.
  8. The number of clicks in the final chart will differ from the number of clicks summarized for all queries in the table. This is because Google is removing very rare queries (anonymous queries) from the table data.
  9. If you filter queries based on what they contain, then anonymous queries are removed from the summary chart.
  10. This makes it impossible to obtain absolute values ​​for identifying brand and non-brand data.

NIXSolutions reminds that earlier, John Mueller of Google explained why pages may drop out of Page Console reports.